Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Pitt Bull ban in Ontario --- Bill 132

I mentioned on someone's blog that I would post about this.  It's a really shitty bill that was passed in 2005 (August 29th to be exact)  The legislation bans pit bulls in Ontairo, places restrictions on existing pit bulls, and toughens the penalties for the o wners of any dog that "poses a danger to the public".  This legislation makes me so mad, as EVERY pit bull I know, or have known; has been a great dog.  It's all in how your dog is raised.  They're Terriers... very loyal, very loving.  And it really pisses me off knowing that for me to get a pit bull today, the dog will have to be 6 years or older.  There are so many amstafs crowding kennels all over the United States, and there's nothing we in Ontairo can do about it :( 

Here is some more information on the legislation if you're intrested...

* The amendments to the DOLA (dog owners liability act) will prohibit individuals from owning, breeding, transferring, importing or abandoning pit bulls. 

To adopt a pit bull it must be
*Owned by an Ontario resident on August 29 '05, or
*Born in Ontario within 90 days after August 29th '05.

Owning a pit bull in Ontario
*Owners will have to have their pit bulls leashed and muzzled in public and comply with sterilization requirements.

*The regulations stipulate that restricted pit bulls be muzzled and leashed unless the dogs are on their owners' enclosed property or on enclosed property occupied by another person who consents to the pit bull being withour a muzzle or a leash.

*A leach may be a maximum of 1.8 metres long.

Now, we're getting to my favourite part of this amendment...

Under the amendments to DOLA, pit bull is defined as :

  • A pit bull terrier
  • A Staffordshire bull terrier
  • An American Staffordshire terrier
  • An American pit bull terrier
  • A dog that has an appearance and physical characteristics substantially similar to any of those dogs.


I can keep going on this subject, but I'd better get some real work done now.

Below you'll find some photos of these so called baby killers.

These are Vick's ex fighting dogs, doign just great.


  1. Your absolutely right. It's all in how you raise them. Any dog can be raised mean or as a great family pet. My daughter has pits and they are the sweetest dogs in the world, wouldn't hurt a fly.

    We have had the same issues here in the states in the past over the same kind of laws. It was people like you raising awareness about how kind these animals can be that have led to change.

    Looking forward to reading your blog. ;)

  2. It's the usual shotgun approach of punishing everyone to prevent the misdeeds of the few.

    Typically in response to the vocal few who stand around wringing their hands wailing "somebody needs to do something!".

  3. I couldn't agree with the government more...I know, and have been around, pit bulls CAN be a very good breed/dog. However (and I know the argument has been raised before - but...) when is the last time that you've ever heard of a Black Lab attacking and killing a toddler? A Golden Retriever? A Boxer? Anything.

    And I know that there probably are those type of cases where a dog of a breed other than a pit bull has assaulted and killed a person, and I understand that the media may possibly just focus on the cases of pit bull attacks.

    But my question is: Why is it SO big of a deal to keep this breed alive? Is there not another breed which can suffice for companionship? Is there something that makes a pit bull SO great as opposed to that of another type of breed? I think not.

    I am in complete agreement with letting the pit bulls that are living continue doing just that...Living. But I see no reason why they need to be continuously bred indefinitely. For what? Fighting? The 'status' that owning a pit bull exhibits? Or is it REALLY for just simply to companionship of a great dog?

    My two cents. (Of which I understand are unpopular...)

  4. I have always had pitbulls growing up and they are nothing more then a companion! not EVERYONE is the same, i truly beleave its the owners that need to be punished not the breed! i also work with animals everyday and iv heard more about shepherds or even huskeys biting more then pitbulls. and as for the statement about whats so important about keeping the breed alive, THERE PEOPLE COMPANIONS!, it doesn't matter what breed they are, if you ever owed one and loved it sooo much and someone just said oh were taking your dog to be destroyed, i'm sure you would be hurt and maybe understand