Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Gold plated drag BMW.

Damn.   (and not in a good way.)

When it comes to cars that divide opinions, I think you'll be hard pressed to top this. Say hello to Queen St's latest creation: a BMW M3 powered by a Mazda four rotor engine. A wicked creation that is half drag car and half show car. And yes, you're eyes aren't deceiving you; that really is a gold-plated motor.

Rod, Casey and I have been discussing this car since it debuted a few months ago, and we agreed it was a fitting inclusion for our Drag-themed month. I mean, it's not every day that you come across a 1600hp BMW M3 built on a chromoly full tube chassis, let alone one featuring nickel and 23 carat gold-plating.

It's hard to imagine that a car like this will ever turn a wheel in anger. Indeed, Queen St received plenty of criticism with their previous BMW drag cars. When owner Moey debuted their first E36 drag car, critics dismissed it as never being able to crank, let alone run down the quarter mile. However, the naysayers were proved well and truly wrong with the E36 setting a personal best of 7.1 @ 197mph. The old version of this E46 holds a PB of 7.2 @ 196mph.

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  1. Sometimes telling someone they "can't" is the best way to ensure that they "will".